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I'm a mom of 2 and didn’t have a lot of time to deal with the sale of my home.

All I wanted was the best price and not to have the sale drag on and on (like so many of my friends who’s uncles are agents and cousins are agents). My house was sold on the first day of offers for 99% of the list price. The whole process was painless, I knew what to expect every step of the way. Thanks Rishi!

Orit K.

Rishi is a very knowledgeable and professional Realtor.

He gave me tips on how I could make my home more saleable. He sold my house in less than 20 days for 99% of the asking price! Thank you Rishi! I will be referring you to my family and friends!

Lisa C.

Grateful I had you in my corner!

I think it is essential to deal with professionals when making a major life decision and I am truly grateful that I had you in my corner when making potentially the biggest purchase of my life.

Ryan L.

I had my house listed for sale with another realtor for 90 days.

After he listed the home, we never heard from him and he was unable to sell it. Rishi sold my home in under a month for more than the asking price! He provided me with feedback and kept me informed as to what was going on. He is an outstanding Realtor who really cares about his clients.

Rosanna J.

From start to finish, only your best interest in mind!

I have dealt with many different agents before working with Rishi. I have never been happier with an agent, he gets it done, from start to finish, with only your best interest in mind. I didn’t have to do anything when it came to the sale, it was like he was selling his own house. If you want it done right and efficiently call Rishi.

Danny K.

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism Rishi showed when selling my home.

He was very prompt at returning my phone calls, and kept me informed on the feedback he was receiving from the showings. I would highly recommend his services.

Chris G.

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